Caregiving Rate Card
While most private duty agencies want you to call to “discuss” pricing, we believe at Keep Safe Care to be as transparent and upfront as possible. This is why we list our sliding fee scale for the most in demand services we offer in increasing skill needs: Companion Care, Non-Medical Home Care and Home Health Assistance. Of course, the less intensive your care needs are, usually the lower cost of the caregiving. A complete description of each type of services Keep Safe Care offers can be found here.

Keep Safe Care believes strongly in trying to keep costs down and wherever possible to pass any type of savings onto our clients. As such, when you require more hours of care, there is a reduction in our hourly rate as outlined in our rate card below. The price list compares three (3) types of care with three (3) quantities of care (hours). Please note: The national average for non-medical home care is $27 per hour (source: Senior Service Business). The average cost of care for Austin, Texas is $25/hr with a minimum of 20 hours or $500 per week. Also, rates for early mornings, late night, weekends, and holidays may be higher.

As you can see, our prices tend to run lower than both the National and Local averages for caregiving, and unlike most other private duty agencies, we do not require minimum weekly hours of care. Also remember, Keep Safe Care PAYS our caregivers substantially more in wages, ensuring you get a more dependable, dedicated and reliable caregiver. If you require more than 30 hours of care, 24/7 care, or live-in care; or require physical, occupational or speech therapy please feel free to contact us.