Keep Safe Care is changing the
way in-home care is delivered in America.
Serving the Greater Austin area including Central Austin,
Westlake Hills, Hyde Park, Northwest Hills, Tarrytown, Rollingwood,
Sun City, Georgetown, Round Rock, Cedar Park and Lakeway
The Next Level of Caregiving
(512) 766-0150

I feel part of the team

Love working with Keep Safe Care. The owners get back to you right way, and give me the flexibility to continue my nursing school training.

Jasmine J., Caregiver & Nursing Student
Austin, TX

Most Responsive

Of all the agencies I contacted, Jeffrey (at Keep Safe Care) was the most responsive and made me feel respected.
The caregiver they got me allowed me to live my life again. 💝💝💝

Suzanne Offner
Austin, TX

My Mom Loves her Caregiver

Finally! Found a caregiver who my mother really appreciates and loves! What a great find.

Beth G.,
Austin, TX

Love the sliding fee scale

Was looking for care for my mom, and just needed a little.
Love that they do not have minimums and a slide fee.

Lucy B.,
Sunset Village, TX

The personal service sold me

Love their personal service and love their use of technology. Made the caregiving
process much more comfortable for me and my wife.

John Parks
Westlake Hills, TX

This is an awesome company

I cannot say enough good things about this company. They helped me in a pinch.

Sandra P.
Georgetown, TX

Love working here

Cannot believe how pro-worker this company is. it has been great working for them,
and best part is that I get paid weekly! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Andri'a M., Caregiver
Jarrell, TX

What a Godsend

Came to the rescue when my father could no longer care for my mom
Found the perfect caregiver with Nancy who stayed even for hospice.
Will used them again for my dad when the time comes.

Dale K.
Shady Hollow, TX

What a relief!

Best Company ever.. thank you! Took a huge burden off me.

Parker H.
Sun City, TX
Welcome to Keep Safe Care
We Find the Right Caregiver
Most agencies hire the first caregivers who show up. Essentially, if a caregiver is available, the agency sends them out. That is not fair to you. You want and need a compatible caregiver matched to your needs. Because Keep Safe Care has access to hundreds of caregivers, we can look for the best match, in terms of your needs and cultural preferences, along with the caregiver’s skills and abilities.
Dependable, Reliable Caregiving
The private duty industry has a huge problem with caregiver no-shows and turnover. This is not good for anyone needing care. You need consistent, dependable, reliable care. We have taken steps to substantially reduce these two chronic problems by paying above average wages, improving communications, shortening drive times, and, most importantly, matching you and the caregiver.
Matching Caregivers with You
Having a caregiver come into your home is a big step, so it is important that offer you a caregiver who matches not only your care needs but also your personality. What makes Keep Safe Care unique is how we match you with the most compatible caregiver and also allow the caregiver to agree on the match. We want to ensure a rightness-of-fit before a caregiver starts working for you.

Not sure about how to pick a private duty agency? Click here to print out a comparison list of capabilities to help you decide.

Keep Safe Care ensures you have affordable,
reliable, dependable caregiving.

Services Offered


We know how stressful it is when mom or dad needs help with everyday chores and you yourself cannot be there to help them, or even when you need a little help with daily living. Our purpose is to reduce the stress associated with bringing a caregiver into the home. Things change, and we are all going to need help, so we make it easy for you. In addition, we do more than just put a “warm body” into your home. Our system matches you not only on your care needs but also on cultural preferences, language and even hobbies. We empower you in the selection process and work with the family to ensure a “rightness-of-fit” between the caregiver and the client. You will get more reliable, dependable, and consistent care. No more “no shows” or rotating caregivers. Safety and kindness are what we are all about. As a bonus, due to the efficiency of operation, we are able to charge 10% to 25% less than most other private duty agencies in the area, with no minimum hours required. Click here for a complete list of services Keep Safe Care offers.
Beyond the standard caregiver services Keep Safe Care offers, we also offer auxiliary services that address other caregiving services which many of our clientele need including Homemaker, Recuperate and Transport. Keep Safe Homemaker includes Keep Safe Clean (household cleaning), Keep Safe Meals (cooking/meals), and Keep Safe Wash (clothes/linen washing & ironing); Keep Safe Recuperate is for individuals who need short term, intensive caregiving usually after a surgery or sickness, and Keep Safe Transport offers transportation to individuals who need to attend doctor and wellness visits or senior day activities. For more information on each service, please click on the icons below.
We see caregivers as an asset that can be cultivated
as opposed to an expense that can be replaced.
EMPOWERING CAREGIVING® Keep Safe Care is revolutionizing the way private duty agencies deliver care. We are all about changing the old mold of big companies controlling franchisees and extracting ever increasing fees from their operations. We are also passionate about dealing with the persistent problems of caregiver truancy and turnover in the private duty caregiving sector. Our goal is to reduce or eliminate these chronic caregiver problems by empowering caregivers and those who are receiving care. Part of the solutions is making sure caregivers in our system earn a higher standard wage, while at the same time keeping our rates below what most agencies charge. We can do this because we use technology to reduce operating costs by 20% to 25% below traditional private duty agencies and pass those savings onto our clients and caregivers: making it a win-win-win for everyone.
Keep Safe Care uses the most advanced technology
to bring you great care. We use high-tech
to deliver the high-touch of care.
We know how expensive private duty care has become in America, and Keep Safe Care reduces the burden and cost of care in the home by offering these three solutions: A sliding fee scale, no minimums for hours or costs, and using automation to keep costs down. Because of this combination, we are able to charge below market rate (which in Austin, Texas is $25/hour) while paying our caregivers more than what most agencies pay. This is our mission and passion. Click here for our complete rate card.

Sliding Fee Scale

Everyone wants to save money, and we are no different. So, depending on if you require a little care or a lot, we adjust our pricing to accommodate your needs. The more hours of care you require, the lower cost per hour. It is that simple.

No Contracts, No Minimums

Due to the efficiencies with operations, flexibility with scheduling, and unique caregiving curation and management software, we are able to offer our services with no contracts and no minimums. This is unique in the industry.

Automated Billing & Payment

Unlike other agencies, Keep Safe Care does not require prepayment of services. Instead, we use credit cards for payment and do a preauthorization just like hotels. Using this payment method makes everything automated and hands free.

Save money and time by using our automated
Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) reimbursement feature.

A Caregiving solution for the modern age.

Connected Accountability

Know that your caregiver has arrived on time and is performing the tasks laid out on your customized care plan. Geo-location check-in / check-out is just one of the great features of our mobile app. Caregivers get reminders and are able to check off tasks on a care plan in real time. Chat or exchange photos during care. You know what is happening with the care of your loved one just by checking right on your smart phone.

You stay connected …. here’s how.
Integrated Communications
Communication and keeping people informed proactively are key components of our corporate culture. Key to that is the extensive use of all available technologies to keep all parties abreast of status or change in care.
Online, Electronic Care Plan
Ensuring that the right care is delivered is every bit as important as hiring the right caregiver. Our online Care Plan feature makes it easy to communicate care needs and indicate care delivery and tasks performed.
Connecting your Family
Our system allows loved ones and extended family members to stay informed about what care is being performed. Through our messaging feature family and friends can easily monitor a loved one’s health status and care.

Thank you for your interest in Keep Safe Care. If you need immediate assistance, please call Jeffrey Fry at (512) 766-0150. Otherwise, please fill out the form below and we will get back within one (1) business day.
Care Need Form
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When do you need care to start?

How We Treat Our Caregivers

“We see caregivers as an asset that can be cultivated as opposed to an expense that can be replaced.”

This quotation is important for a number of reasons, but the primary one is because we want to employ caregivers who not only give superior, quality care, but who are reliable, dependable, courteous, trustworthy, and kind. The only way Keep Safe Care will attract and keep highly motivated and engaged caregivers is to treat them with respect, consider them as part of the team, pay them higher wages, empower them to make choices in their jobs and careers, and to offer training to advance their caregiving career.

While most agencies say they have great caregivers and boast about their quality, compassion, reliability, and experience; the industry average for turnover has risen to 83% and truancy (no-shows) is 25%. This begs the question: If these agencies treated their caregivers so well, why is there so much turnover and absenteeism?

So, how does Keep Safe Care combat these horrific truancy and turnover rates with caregivers? It starts with our caregivers and partners. We are passionate about treating our caregivers like responsible adults and giving them the tools to deliver great care. Secondly, Keep Safe Care strives to pay our caregivers substantially more than the industry average and we take less in profits from our clients. In small words, we are less greedy, or maybe, more generous. Finally, Keep Safe Care is constantly training our caregivers to improve their skills and value in the caregiving marketplace.
The result: better, more reliable, dependable, consistent care for you; better, happier, more committed caregivers for us.

Taken in combination, Keep Safe Care has reduced both truancy and staff turnover to under 5% and has become the Gold Standard of caregiving in America.