The Golden Rule

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you
The Golden Rule is timeless and about giving what your get, or 50/50.
The 2/3 Rule is a little better. And here is why.
Benefit to Caregivers

Over the decades as private duty personal care services industry has expanded, in-home caregivers have not always been seen as a key asset in the caregiving industry, and sadly, their wages have suffered and leads them to constantly look for another position.

Due to the inefficiencies in the marketplace a typical private duty agency spends $300,000 to $500,000 in office staff annually managing their caregivers. Keep Safe Care has revolutionized the industry by eliminating the back office. As such, this cost savings translate into being able to pay caregivers 2/3s of what clients are being charged.

An example of The 2/3 Rule, if the client is being charged $30 per hour, our caregiver is being paid $20 per hour; if the client is charged $45 and hour, the caregiver is making $30 an hour. On average, our caregivers make between $5 to $8 more per hour, resulting in less turnover and truancy and better care being received. As is our saying, we take care of our caregivers so the can take better care of you.

Benefit to Clients

The one item that effects outcomes with elder care more that anything else: consistency of care. This means a client is receiving care from the same caregiver or caregiver(s) day-after-day and week-after-week. What upsets the elderly is when there s a “carousel of caregivers” forcing the client to get acquainted with a new caregiver and having to constantly explain what needs to be done on their plan of care.

One thing that The 2/3 Rule offers is consistency of care. This benefit is derived from the fact Keep Safe Care pays its caregivers at least 2/3s of what is charged to our clients, and are rates are competitive with our competition. We are unique in the industry and what that affords you, our clients, is less turnover with our caregivers, and more consistent, reliable and dependable care for you.

On average our caregivers make $5 to $8 more per hour when compared to other private duty agencies and this difference makes all the difference when delivering consistent care with the same qualified caregivers.

How We Treat Our Caregivers

“We see caregivers as an asset that can be cultivated as opposed to an expense that can be replaced.”

This quotation is important for a number of reasons, but the primary one is because we want to employ caregivers who not only give superior, quality care, but who are reliable, dependable, courteous, trustworthy, and kind. The only way Keep Safe Care will attract and keep highly motivated and engaged caregivers is to treat them with respect, consider them as part of the team, pay them higher wages, empower them to make choices in their jobs and careers, and to offer training to advance their caregiving career.

While most agencies say they have great caregivers and boast about their quality, compassion, reliability, and experience; the industry average for turnover has risen to 83% and truancy (no-shows) is 25%. This begs the question: If these agencies treated their caregivers so well, why is there so much turnover and absenteeism?

So, how does Keep Safe Care combat these horrific truancy and turnover rates with caregivers? It starts with our caregivers and partners. We are passionate about treating our caregivers like responsible adults and giving them the tools to deliver great care. Secondly, Keep Safe Care strives to pay our caregivers substantially more than the industry average and we take less in profits from our clients. In small words, we are less greedy, or maybe, more generous. Finally, Keep Safe Care is constantly training our caregivers to improve their skills and value in the caregiving marketplace.
The result: better, more reliable, dependable, consistent care for you; better, happier, more committed caregivers for us.

Taken in combination, Keep Safe Care has reduced both truancy and staff turnover to under 5% and has become the Gold Standard of caregiving in America.

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