Keep Safe Care to offer health rides direct to consumers in Austin, Texas

AUSTIN, Dec 10, 2020. Keep Safe Care, an innovative new non-medical in-home care agency, is now offering health rides as part of its partnership with Ride Health. As of December 1, 2020, Keep Safe Care of Central Austin (www.keepsafecare.com) began a pilot program with Ride Health (www.ridehealth.com) in the greater Austin, Texas area. As Americans are living longer and choosing to stay in their homes as they age, access to transportation for individuals who have mobility or cognitive issues can be challenging.

As people age, the ability to handle an automobile diminishes Adding to the difficulties, fewer than 20% of the adult children in the United States live within 100 miles of their aging parents. In many cases, these adult children also have a family of their own to care for and taking  mom or dad to doctor’s appointments or to run errands is a scheduling nightmare. There is an ever-growing gap between mobility needs and mobility options for people unable to drive themselves or use a taxi or ride share programs.

Ride Health was created to address the pervasive problem of individuals with mobility issues who are unable to keep doctor’s appointments or obtain their prescribed medications due to a lack of transportation options. Prior to engaging with Keep Safe Care, Ride Health addressed this situation by working exclusively with hospital and medical systems and allowing these entities to coordinate a ride for their clients to ensure appointments are kept or prescriptions are fulfilled.

“Ride Health is trying to simplify the complex transportation issues of people with mobility issues, including wheel chairs, walkers, canes and even those with cognitive decline”, states Jeffrey Fry, Keep Safe Care’s co-founder. “Ride Health’s system requires a ride coordinator to schedule a ride. This is where Keep Safe Care can help. Acting as the ride coordinator, we are able to offer a suite of transportation options direct to consumers using this differentiated service.”

Mr. Fry adds, “Keep Safe Care is very excited to offer this transportation offering to our clients and the public. We are able to leverage our expertise in technology with this partnership. Our extensive use of technology helps us match Careseekers with Caregivers, reducing the chronic problem of absenteeism and high staff turnover that face private duty agencies. The result is happier clients and happier Caregivers.”

“Offering this very needed ride service helps differentiate the company in the private duty caregiving sector. Our agency software can handle the scheduling and billing of health rides and allows us to expand our capabilities while at the same time, reduce Keep Safe Care’s liability of having our caregivers drive clients to appointments.” states Stacey Berlow, Keep Safe Care’s other co-founder.

Ride Health is already offering their service with Baylor Scott & White Healthcare in the greater Austin area including Travis, Williamson, and Hays counties. This covers its full suite of rides including door-to-door assistance, wheelchair accessible vehicles, stretcher vans, and ALS/BLS ambulances.

About Ride Health
Ride Health partners with healthcare organizations and transportation network providers to manage transportation benefits, strengthen enterprise transportation programs, and drive intelligent transitions of care. The company blends technology and data with a human approach to break down access barriers and solve some of the biggest transportation challenges that care coordinators, providers, and payers face. Their platform maps out each patient’s unique needs and preferences for the best ride experience across clinical and social needs, ensuring greater access, improved efficiencies, lower costs, and better outcomes. Learn more at www.ridehealth.comwww.

About Keep Safe Care
Keep Safe Care is modernizing in-home caregiving by empowering Careseekers (both individuals and families looking for someone to help care for their parents or loved ones) and caregivers in the caregiving process. The company’s extensive use of technology both improves care coordination and accountability and reduces the chronic problems of caregiver absenteeism and turnover. This innovation gives families and loved ones a greater say on how care is delivered, resulting in more reliable, dependable and consistence caregiving. For more information including flexible pricing and care services offered visit www.keepsafecare.com.

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How We Treat Our Caregivers

“We see caregivers as an asset that can be cultivated as opposed to an expense that can be replaced.”

This quotation is important for a number of reasons, but the primary one is because we want to employ caregivers who not only give superior, quality care, but who are reliable, dependable, courteous, trustworthy, and kind. The only way Keep Safe Care will attract and keep highly motivated and engaged caregivers is to treat them with respect, consider them as part of the team, pay them higher wages, empower them to make choices in their jobs and careers, and to offer training to advance their caregiving career.

While most agencies say they have great caregivers and boast about their quality, compassion, reliability, and experience; the industry average for turnover has risen to 83% and truancy (no-shows) is 25%. This begs the question: If these agencies treated their caregivers so well, why is there so much turnover and absenteeism?

So, how does Keep Safe Care combat these horrific truancy and turnover rates with caregivers? It starts with our caregivers and partners. We are passionate about treating our caregivers like responsible adults and giving them the tools to deliver great care. Secondly, Keep Safe Care strives to pay our caregivers substantially more than the industry average and we take less in profits from our clients. In small words, we are less greedy, or maybe, more generous. Finally, Keep Safe Care is constantly training our caregivers to improve their skills and value in the caregiving marketplace.
The result: better, more reliable, dependable, consistent care for you; better, happier, more committed caregivers for us.

Taken in combination, Keep Safe Care has reduced both truancy and staff turnover to under 5% and has become the Gold Standard of caregiving in America.

Thank you for your interest in Keep Safe Care. If you need immediate assistance, please call Jeffrey Fry at (512) 766-0150. Otherwise, please fill out the form below and we will get back within one (1) business day.
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