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Keep Safe Care Makes First Strategic Hire, Plans for Expansion
Keep Safe Care Hires Ashton Rondon as it prepares to expand in Texas, Florida, Arizona, and California

AUSTIN, TX, Oct 10, 2023 – Keep Safe Care, launched in Austin, Texas, announces it has hired Ashton Rondon as its Administrative Director to help with the expansion of Keep Safe Care’s Private-Duty-in-a-Box® concept across America. The company launched two years ago to address the growing cost and inefficiencies of the in-home private duty, personal services caregiving sector as well as to rectify some of the issues of low caregiver pay, truancy, and turnover.

Ashton Rondon brings over 15 years of extensive expertise in helping organizations grow and expand organically. As CEO Jeffrey Fry states, “This is a critical role in our expansion plans for Keep Safe Care. As is an experienced public relations, marketing, and project management practitioner, her expertise will be critical to help Keep Safe Care grow from one location in Austin, to many locations throughout the United States.” Mr. Fry continues, “Her know-how and operational and project management expertise will be essential in helping new licensed Affiliates successfully join and integrate into our growing network of Keep Safe Care locations.”

“I have been fortunate enough to have worked with some startups in the past which positively impacted their industries before they went on to be acquired,” states Ashton Rondon. She continues, “I joined Keep Safe Care due in part to what I see as a combination not to only disrupt the in-home care agency franchising model, but more importantly to address the lack of caregiver wages with their 2/3s Rule in caregiver pay. This significant increase in wages without increasing client costs is a calling to me, and I felt that I must be a part of this.”

The 2/3s Rule® is Keep Safe Care’s breakthrough ability to pay its caregiver at least two-thirds of whatever the client rate is for any caregiving situation. This has been achieved in large part by how the company has vastly improved the efficiencies of running a private duty, personal care services agency.

Keep Safe Care is planning on initiating the sales of its software licenses for its innovative Private Duty Model in the last quarter of 2023. Mrs. Rondon will help accelerate the roll out of what the Company calls its “Private-Duty-in-a-Box®” concept. These software licenses will be priced at a level that allows Affiliates to open a private duty, in-home personal services caregiving agency for a fraction of the cost of a typical Franchise found in the United States today.

About Keep Safe Care
Keep Safe Care is about revolutionizing the way private duty agencies deliver care and manage caregivers. The company’s innovative approach changes the traditional model of big companies controlling franchisees, while combating the persistent issues of high caregiver truancy and turnover. Keep Safe Care’s goal is to reduce these chronic problems by employing technology to empower caregivers and those who are receiving care. With improved efficiencies, the company’s unique approach holds the promise of increasing a caregiver’s standard wage by 30% to 50%, while at the same time reducing operating costs by 20% to 35% over traditional private duty franchises. For more information go to keepsafecare.com.


How We Treat Our Caregivers

“We see caregivers as an asset that can be cultivated as opposed to an expense that can be replaced.”

This quotation is important for a number of reasons, but the primary one is because we want to employ caregivers who not only give superior, quality care, but who are reliable, dependable, courteous, trustworthy, and kind. The only way Keep Safe Care will attract and keep highly motivated and engaged caregivers is to treat them with respect, consider them as part of the team, pay them higher wages, empower them to make choices in their jobs and careers, and to offer training to advance their caregiving career.

While most agencies say they have great caregivers and boast about their quality, compassion, reliability, and experience; the industry average for turnover has risen to 83% and truancy (no-shows) is 25%. This begs the question: If these agencies treated their caregivers so well, why is there so much turnover and absenteeism?

So, how does Keep Safe Care combat these horrific truancy and turnover rates with caregivers? It starts with our caregivers and partners. We are passionate about treating our caregivers like responsible adults and giving them the tools to deliver great care. Secondly, Keep Safe Care strives to pay our caregivers substantially more than the industry average and we take less in profits from our clients. In small words, we are less greedy, or maybe, more generous. Finally, Keep Safe Care is constantly training our caregivers to improve their skills and value in the caregiving marketplace.
The result: better, more reliable, dependable, consistent care for you; better, happier, more committed caregivers for us.

Taken in combination, Keep Safe Care has reduced both truancy and staff turnover to under 5% and has become the Gold Standard of caregiving in America.

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